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LED Marketing Machines

Superior design, engineering and construction.
14 different sizes to choose from.

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Spark-only innovations

The world's best LED mobile billboard trucks keep getting better.

P3.9 Outdoor LED

The latest generation of Spark's exclusive outdoor mobile LED technology. Highest resolution outdoor LED displays with 3.9 mm pixel pitch for an unparalleled viewing experience.

Spark Mojo OS

All Spark Premium configurations include the exclusive Spark Mojo mobile operating system and Mojo Player. Incredible ease of use with internal and external expansion capabilities.

Spark Exoskeleton Body

Custom aluminum extruded body system is strong and lightweight. Fully self supporting and doesn't add stress to display system. Unparalleled fit and finish.

Prices & specifications

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Financing is available for qualified buyers on the entire truck — Spark body + chassis. Down payments range from zero down to over 50% down, depending on your credit. Most put down around 20%. Financing for startups is available, and is based on your personal credit.


Pick up your new Spark truck in Fairhope, Alabama, and we'll give you a complete overview of all systems. Alternately, we'll hire a transport company to drive the truck to your door. If you choose to have the truck delivered, you'll pay the actual price charged by the carrier.

Personal Setup

Send us your images or video clips and we'll be happy to set up your truck with all your ads before it's delivered. If you need help with design, we can introduce you to a talented graphic artist.


Have a question? Call a specialist or send a message.

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