Spark 405

LED Video truck body for Jeep Gladiator

From $69,980. Price is for the Spark 405 mobile led billboard truck body, mounted on your Jeep Gladiator. Does not include the price of the Jeep. Custom wheels/tires extra.

LED Video Truck | Mobile LED Bill Board Truck
LED Video Truck | Mobile LED Bill Board




Weapons-Grade Advertising With LED VIDEO TRUCK

The Spark 405 LED videotruck body turns an already head-turning Jeep Gladiator into an over the top marketing machine. Designed and sized specifically for the Jeep chassis, it may be the best looking Spark videotruck ever. We’ve even integrated the original Jeep rear fenders and bumper into the 405 body design for a “could have come from the factory” appearance. It’s guaranteed to create more attention for your brand anywhere it goes.

It’s not just a mobile led billboard truck, it’s a weapon of mass communication.

LED Video Truck Vehicle Dimensions

Technical Specifications of LED Video Truck

Spark 405 Videotruck Body

LED Technology

P3.9 Spark Outdoor Mobile SMD, 3.91 pixel pitch

Screen Dimensions

All screens: 4' 11" W x 3' 3" H — 1.5:1 aspect ratio


384 x 256 pixels per screen

Total Pixels: 98304 per screen


Brightness: >5500 cd/m2

Automatic brigtness adjustment with manual override and remote administration through Spark Mojo control system

Contrast: 3000:1

LED Control System

Spark Mojo control system

Video Processor: Spark Media PC

External Source Inputs: Up to 4 HDMI, 4 USB3

Video Switching: Easily switch content playing on any on-screen zone to a different soure and adjust content and sound level, either at the truck or remotely from any PC

Spark Mojo cloud-hosted control system, optional 3rd party media players (fully integrated)

Content: 6 content zones: each truck screen can display two independent zones of content, all with different source of media

Spark audio system. Dual marine grade speakers. Internal audio mixing.


Max Power Consumpion: 3000 Watts

Power Source: Spark 4 kW Hybrid Power System

External Power Connection: Optional 30A transfer switch with twist lock shore power connection


2 Year Limited Warranty

Spark Innovations 

Spark Exoskeleton Body Platform

Spark LED Display Technology

Spark Power Systems

Spark Mojo LED Control Software

Complete Spark Mobile LED Truck Model Lineup

Prices are for the Spark display video advertising truck body only and do not include the price for the truck chassis.