If you are buying a new Ford truck (Ranger, F150, F250, Transit) with your Spark videotruck body, you can finance the entire upfitted unit (truck and body) through either of the sources listed below. The other chassis manufacturers, such as Mercedes Benz, Jeep and Ram Commercial, can also provide competitive financing for your purchase.

If you want to use Ford Credit, download the credit application, scan and return the completed application to your Spark representative.

Applications for other lenders can be completed online.

You will need to know the total purchase price for your Spark truck before applying for financing. Kindly contact Spark for a quotation prior to submitting an application to any of the banks listed.

In addition to a credit application, you may be asked to provide several months of bank statements. The lender will need to see proof of adequate current cash flow (at the time of the application) to support the monthly payments. Projections for future advertising revenue are almost never considered by the lender’s credit underwriters.

Other brands of trucks are available, and we can help you with financing through sources such as Daimler Financial, Toyota Commercial Credit, Ally Financial, and others.

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