Spark Mojo 6

Cloud-hosted LED Control System

Controling an LED truck display system shouldn’t require days of training. Switching from a list of ads to a video shouldn’t require fiddling with incomprehensible buttons or swapping cables. It should be as easy as changing a radio station, and if Spark Mojo powers your videotruck, it is.

If your videotruck isn’t a Spark, it’s got no Mojo.

For Windows 10 & 11.
Coming soon for iPhone and Android devices.

Playlist Manager

Mojo features an integrated content mangement system. You can create ad playlists (still images or video clips). Show a different playlist on each LED screen, or duplicate any of the playlists to multiple screens.

Upload content over the internet from your own laptop in just seconds.

Video Processor

Spark Mojo LED truck control software system has a built-in 4K resolution video procesor. This is essential if you want to add external sources like satellite TV, 3rd party media players, streaming media boxes, game consoles, or cameras.

HDMI inputs are available for connecting video devices. Divide the truck screens into different content zones and Mojo automatically scales the HDMI input to match the size and shape of each area.

HDMI Matrix Switcher

Matrix switching allows you to route the video content from any external devices to any of the truck’s LED screens, or all of them.

Mojo improves on external switchers by adding the ability to display any standard Windows program alongside external video sources.

LED Display Controller

You may need to reconfigure the LED screens for an event. Before Mojo, you would need to connect a Windows laptop and use special LED configuration software. Not anymore.

Mojo LED truck control software system is programmed with direct access to the LED controller APIs, which lets us create and save custom LED configurations into preset memory locations. You can reconfigure the entire truck screen layout with one tap of a preset.

Audio Mixer

A pro audio mixer combines sound from external devices and adjusts sound levels.

Mojo has a built-in multi channel audio mixer. You can play different audio on each side of the truck, or play music from your phone over the truck’s sound system. It even lets you mix in microphone input for live events.

Auto Brightness

All Spark trucks have automatic brightness adjustment. Very bright in sunny conditions, but automatically dimmed to a lower level at night. Sometimes, however, you may want to override the sensor and set the brightness manually.

Spark Mojo communicates directly with the LED hardware and gives you a simple on-screen brightness control.

Wireless Microphone

Mojo is especially good at event marketing, and that includes controlling a wireless microphone system.

Turn on the audio-ducking feature. The next time you key the microphone, Mojo will automatically lower the sound level of any audio playing on the truck, letting the person with the microphone have all the attention.

Giant PC Display

If you don’t have Mojo, and you want to show a computer program, like PowerPoint, on your truck’s LED screens, you’ll need to connect your laptop to the system through a video processor (remember that box, above?)

With Mojo, you can blast any Windows application directly to any of the truck’s giant screens — no video processor needed.

One Power Cord

If you tried to add all these capabilities to an LED display system without Spark Mojo, you’d need an equipment rack full of ten or more dedicated components. Each of those black boxes would have their own power bricks, and you’d need to add a 16-port power distribution unit to your rack to manage the maze of cables.

Spark’s PC unit only has one power cord.

More innovations available only in a Spark

Spark Exoskeleton Body Platform

The unique Spark Exoskeleton body structure is unlike any box truck, and designed specifically for specialty use.

Spark LED Technology

Spark’s P3.9 LED display technology delivers high brightness, low power consumption, and is designed for the harsh commercial mobile environment.

Spark Hybrid and EV Power Options

Only Spark offers a choice of generator power, hybrid power, or all battery electric power for the LED display system.