The Strong, Silent Type

Standard quiet diesel power, hybrid power or all battery power. Only Spark  truck power system gives you such powerful choice.

Standard Tier4 Diesel Power

Standard Diesel Power

Too much power is as bad as not enough. Power required for the LED displays and electronics varies by the requirements of the 12 different Spark models, and each system is sized appropriately.

58 decibel Sound Level

Generators make noise, but Spark’s enclosed diesel generators make a lot less of it. It’s quieter than the volume of a normal conversation. Literally 10 times as quiet as other generators.

Fuel Efficient

Spark’s hybrid truck power systems deliver up to five full ten hour days of operation before you’ll need to visit the diesel pump again. They’re almost twice as fuel efficient as other generators.

How Quiet is Quiet?

Most generators claim to be quiet, but compared to what? If you’re comparing to the sound of jet engine or an explosion, then yes, almost all generators can be considered quiet.

Sound levels are measured in decibels (dB). The human ear perceives something that measures just 3 dB more than something else as twice as loud.

So, a generator that is rated at 75 dB (common sound level) sounds twice as loud as a 72 dB generator, or four times as loud as a 69 dB unit.  That’s why most generators sound a lot like your neighbor’s lawn mower at 6 am on Sunday (85-90 dB).

Spark’s newest generators have a sound level of just 58 decibels (dB). The sound of moderate rainfall is 50 dB and a normal conversation in a quiet room is 60 dB. When we say quiet, we mean it.

Optional Hybrid Power

See you later, generator.

Spark eliminated everything customers don’t like about generators. Borrowing from technology originally designed for electric cars and solar powered homes, the new Spark hybrid power system generates 100% of the electricity needed to light up all Spark 4-Series and 5-Series models

Spark’s Hybrid Power system is the most advanced commercial mobile power system ever made for specialty vehicles. It replaces the gas or diesel generator in many Spark videotruck models with a silent, maintenance-free source of power, providing virtually unlimited run time for the entire Spark LED display system.

Latest battery technology

The system is based on the latest lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) battery technology. Like the batteries in a Tesla, the Spark power pack lasts up to seven years before it needs to be replaced. It’s connected to a massive truck-engine driven charging system, which provides unlimited power while the truck is running, and hours of power even when you remove the key and walk away from the truck.

Lower cost of ownership

Over the life of your Spark videotruck, the hybrid power system will save you thousands of dollars. A Spark generator consumes between .5 and 1.37 gallons of fuel per hour of operation, but the Spark hybrid system consumes virtually no fuel. Generators require regular oil and filter changes, every couple hundred hours of operation (about $150 at most RV service centers). The Spark hybrid system is maintenance free.

Optional Battery-Only Power

Plug In Power

If you want to build your Spark Videotruck body on a new EV chassis, like the new Ford Transit EV, or Ford F150 Lightning, Spark’s all-battery plug in power system is for you.

Delivering all-day power for the LED display system, it’s a completely zero-emission power system. Using the same battery technology as the Hybrid power system, it includes a higher capacity battery bank. Instead of charging from the truck engine (there isn’t one), you’ll plug in to charge the system, like the EV itself.

More innovations available only in a Spark

Spark Exoskeleton Body Platform

The unique Spark Exoskeleton body structure is unlike any box truck, and designed specifically for specialty use.

Spark Mojo Cloud-Based Control System

Control one or many Spark videotrucks from anywhere using Spark Mojo software for Windows. Coming soon: Native Mojo apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Spark LED Technology

Spark’s P3.9 LED display technology delivers high brightness, low power consumption, and is designed for the harsh commercial mobile environment.