They fit in a garage, but prefer the great outdoors.

Spark 4-Series LED Video Trucks

Spark 4-series LED video trucks

Big impact. Small footprint. 

Spark 4-Series videotrucks are the most effective and affordable way to promote your business. Three different size compact truck bodies, designed to mount on many different mid-size and full size pickup trucks. Built to be unforgettable ambassadors for your company, Spark 405, 407, and 408 stand out while fitting in to any public space, from small town to major metro.

Explore Spark 4-Series Models

Spark 405

From $69,980

Spark 407

From $79,980

Spark 408

From $86,980

Spark Innovations 

Spark Exoskeleton Body Platform

Spark LED Display Technology

Spark Power Systems

Spark Mojo LED Control Software

Complete Spark Mobile LED Truck Model Lineup

Prices are for the Spark display video advertising truck body only and do not include the price for the truck chassis.