Visibly & Invisibly Better LED Displays

Spark LED displays are made to deliver new levels of detail and realism even under less-than-ideal viewing conditions. Small details are sharp and clear — even up close. Blacks are black, not gray. And auto LUX detection constantly adjusts brightness levels to assure the picture is bright enough to be seen on sunny days, while making sure it’s not too bright after sunset.

Visibly Better Detail

Spark’s standard 3.9mm pixel pitch delivers 900% more resolution/sqm than the latest 4K stadium end-zone displays for a superior up-close viewing experience.

Visibly Brighter

True outdoor grade LED display technology makes Spark’s screens over ten times as bright as the best home theater TVs. Images are easily visible on sunny summer days.

Visible on Camera

With refresh rates up to 3840 Hz, Spark displays look as good in social media posts as they do in person.

Behind the Seen

Modular & Made for Mobile

Spark makes the only outdoor LED display screen that are designed to be bounced around, jostled, soaked, scorched, frozen, and occasionally struck by flying objects while traveling 70 MPH. So, while accidents can happen, we’re ready for you.

Spark displays each look like one giant screen, but they’re really a series of 10-inch by 20-inch modules. The modules snap together, without cables, like Lego pieces. So it you need to replace a section of the screen, it’s simple to pop off one module and snap in a new piece in about a minute. You’ll never need to visit a service center. The components are user-serviceable by anybody, without hand tools — not even a screwdriver.

Low Power Consumption

Since we have to make our own AC power, it makes sense to use as little of it as possible. Spark LED display technology have power-saving integrated circuits, and smaller, more efficient power supplies which do not require nearly as much electricity as ordinary sign-grade LED displays.

LED Display With Better Thermal Management

By using hundreds of tiny power supplies, each consuming just a few watts, Spark outdoor LED display screen are able to spread out and dissipate the heat caused by the LED system. Almost all the heat is wicked through a distributed magnesium heat sink, which forms the structural support network for the entire advertising LED display screen. Any remaining heat is released from the surface into the surrounding air.

Keeping things cool means it’s never necessary to install an air conditioner in the back of any Spark advertising LED display screen truck body.

More innovations available only in a Spark

Spark Exoskeleton Body Platform

The unique Spark Exoskeleton body structure is unlike any box truck, and designed specifically for specialty use.

Spark Mojo Cloud-Based Control System

Control one or many Spark videotrucks from anywhere using Spark Mojo software for Windows. Coming soon: Native Mojo apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Spark Hybrid and EV Power Options

Only Spark offers a choice of generator power, hybrid power, or all battery electric power for the LED display system.