Spark 713

Flexible LED truck for advertising and event marketing

Spark 713 mobile advertising truck is for sale from $166,980 — mounted on your compatible cutaway or cab-chassis truck. $204,980 with new Ford Transit chassis).




Mobile Advertising Superpowers Truck For Sale

It has bold bright 2:1 ratio side LED displays, which share the same shape as regular 20-sheet outdoor advertising posters. That gives it easy compatibility with a wide range of content from advertisers. With its Spark P3.9 LED technology and exclusive Spark Mojo control software, the mobile video truck has powers and abilities far beyond other forms of marketing.

Mobile Advertising Video Truck Vehicle Dimensions

Technical Specifications For Mobile Advertising Truck

Spark 713 Videotruck Body

LED Technology

P3.9 Spark Outdoor Mobile SMD, 3.91 pixel pitch

Screen Dimensions

Side screens: 13' 1" W x 6' 7" H — 2.25:1 aspect ratio, Rear screen: 6' 7" W x 6' 7" H — 1:1 aspect ratio


1024 x 512 pixels per side screen, 512 x 512 rear screen

Total Pixels: 524288 per side screen, 262144 rear screen


Brightness: >5500 cd/m2

Automatic brigtness adjustment with manual override and remote administration through Spark Mojo control system

Contrast: 3000:1

LED Control System

Spark Mojo control system

Video Processor: Spark Media PC

External Source Inputs: Up to 4 HDMI, 4 USB3

Video Switching: Easily switch content playing on any on-screen zone to a different soure and adjust content and sound level, either at the truck or remotely from any PC

Spark Mojo cloud-hosted control system, optional 3rd party media players (fully integrated)

Content: 6 content zones: each truck screen can display two independent zones of content, all with different source of media

Spark audio system. Dual outdoor speaker arrays, wireless microphone system. Internal audio mixing.


Max Power Consumpion: 13000 Watts

Power Source: 14 kW Commercial Mobile Generator

External Power Connection: Optional 50A transfer switch with twist lock shore power connection


2 Year Limited Warranty

Spark Innovations 

Spark Exoskeleton Body Platform

Spark LED Display Technology

Spark Power Systems

Spark Mojo LED Control Software

Complete Spark Mobile LED Truck Model Lineup

Prices are for the Spark display video advertising truck body only and do not include the price for the truck chassis.